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Enable or Disable Bluetooth in Windows 10

Doing this will lead to an installing Windows checklist that will help you keep tabs on progress, eventually resulting in a fresh installation on the OS on your PC. It’s worth noting that Microsoft is slowly rolling out Windows 11 to compatible machines, and the update prompt could show up as late as mid-2022. You… Read More »

How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 permanently

Not all configurations of hardware components are compatible with Intel 8th generation CPUs ending in 5U and Windows 10 release versions. For example, the HP EliteBook 840 G6 series platform that began shipping in May 2019 will be tested with the then-current version of Windows , as well as the previous two versions . Windows… Read More »

How to Check Your Windows Version: 12 Steps with Pictures

The video can now be played on your DVD thanks to the DVD player. This program is another choice of software for playing DVDs on Windows Media Player that offers high-quality video and audio playback. Cyberlink PowerDVD offers several high-end functions, including HDR color, HD upscaling, noise reduction, motion compensation, and stabilization. This post provides… Read More »